About Diana

Diana likes wandering Halifax in search of good pizza while listening to a podcast and documenting life as it happens in photographs. She is entirely too enthusiastic about playing percussion in a Brasilian Samba band, 1980s synthpop, playing boccie ball, travelling and the country of Portugal. When she is not doing these things she is a scientist and carves linoleum, fun right?

Diana lives in Halifax, Canada and is a member of the Nova Scotia Printmakers and the Letterpress Gang at the Dawson Print Shop, NSCAD. She was introduced to Linocut in 2004 while on a trip to Germany when one evening her host started carving linoleum and handed her a piece to try. On the next stop in France her artist host was also doing linocuts, it must be a sign she thought so she has been doing it ever since and loving it!

She’s inspired by a variety of sources, such as music and the local landscape. However inspiration can happen at any time and in any place. She currently is working on two themes; Animals interacting with musical instruments and portraits stamped on materials that relate to the subject. But she is not confined to these subject areas. She primarily uses only one stamp colour and prints on rice paper by hand or using one of her table top presses from the 1800’s.


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